Here at Arsel Driving School we are LICENSED, INSURED, AND BONDED. We pride ourselves in our quality service, great employees, and FLEXIBLE hours!

About Us

Arsel Driving School was founded in Gainesville, Virginia in 2007 by Ebby Ebrahimi. Ebby is still providing an excellent driving school service & classroom to the people of Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow, Manassas, Warrenton, and Centreville. Arsel Driving School is located in Haymarket, VA. Have any questions? Please contact us using the Contact Us page!

Connect With Us

You can currently connect with us through our phone line and our email. We will have a Twitter account coming soon to those of you who want to connect with us easier! Stay tuned

Hours Of Operation

Arsel Driving School is extremely flexible with operation times. We work Monday-Friday for driving school and Saturday-Sunday for the classroom. Our hours depend on our clientele we have for a specific day. Please get in contact with us for more specifics or call us to schedule a time in for yourself (you're usually scheduled in within 24 hours)!

What We Offer

Driver Education Classroom (Teens)
(Includes 90 Minutes Parents for Teens Safety)

Driver Education
(Behind the Wheel)

Driver Training
(Minimul 2 hrs per Session)

Driver Improvement Course
(8 hrs of classroom)

Re-Examination Course
(In Classroom)

(Driving 12 Hours)

Want a better driving record? Join our improvement clinic VOLUNTARILY!

If you're interested in 5 plus points on your drivers license, join our improvement clinic VOLUNTARILY; this does not apply if you are court ordered to our improvement clinic. YOU MUST DO IT VOLUNTARILY!